Getting Fitness Results: Tips from a Top Personal Trainer

Fitness ResultsResults. Getting them is the reason most people join a fitness club in the first place. If you’ve ever wished you were getting more, better fitness results, faster, you’re not alone.

We’ve asked one of our top trainers for specific advice on how he gets fitness results with his clients, and what you can borrow from his approach to get the most from your own fitness program.

Meet Wiktor Nowakowski, an XSport personal trainer who works at the Chicago Ridge location. His winning record with our Get Fit Challenge includes training four winners in the last 4 years: Jerry P. and Laura F. in 2012, Miroslaw F. in 2013 and Shad S 2016.

With a track record like that, we know Wiktor is an expert at getting fitness results — big results. So we’re picking his brain to find out what he recommends we all do to get the best outcomes and be fit.

Question: How do you get clients started with goal setting? What about managing expectations for the fitness results they should see?

Answer: Setting goals is a priority if an individual wants to succeed. Goal-setting helps people take control of their direction, and also provides a detailed guideline for complying with the program and what it takes to achieve. Actually I’ve determined as a trainer that the first factor in success with exercise is helping someone set a motivational goal—something that will encourage them and fuel their progress. Specific, vivid goal guidelines that show the value of health benefits are a must. As we’ve seen in the Get Fit Challenge, even the chance to win money can be motivation to take action to better oneself.

I also stress the need to set smart, measurable, goals to help manage expectations. Results need to be attainable. I consider not only the individual’s current abilities, but I also factor in how we can push the client — after all, we want them to see great fitness results. As a client sees their weight decrease, as they lose inches and as they develop a lean, muscular physique, they see their expectations being met. Training for real results is a big investment of effort in oneself, so we need to be consistent, positive and committed to achieve all we can.

Fitness Results

Question: What do you find derails people most often from getting the results they’re seeking?

Answer: It’s not uncommon for people to fall off their training programs. Family, work, illnesses are all things that tend to interfere with their ability stay the course. But underneath all that is that people lose or basically lose sight of the main reason they’re here in the first place—to improve their life and lifestyle. So as a trainer, I have empathy about their obstacles. But I spend a lot of time with my clients and I care about their results. So I work to remind them of the goals they set for themselves, and to hold them accountable.

Question: What is the #1 piece of advice regarding workout programs that you recommend?

Answer: First, have enormous faith in yourself—you can achieve any goal that you make a priority. Part of that is staying consistent, and remembering that when you leave the gym, you’re still in training! There are many important pieces of training advice I can give: listen to your body, adjust with measurable progressions, learn good technique, etc. A professional trainer will work with you on all of that. But you need to focus on these things yourself when you’re working on your own.

Question: What is the #1 piece of advice regarding diet/nutrition programs that you recommend?

Answer: You need the right amount of healthy foods and nutrients. Choosing a lot of fresh produce, grass fed proteins, and the proper nutritional supplements is an excellent start. So is staying away from processed and fast foods. For the best results, I also recommend careful measuring and strict/consistent meal prepping each day—build good habits that will help you sustain your results.

If you’d like to enjoy fitness results like Wiktor’s clients get, you can get started with a trainer in your own gym, or register for the next Get Fit Challenge by January, 31st!

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